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Harley Street Psychotherapist Counselling and Psychotherapy in Harley Street, central London

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Addressing Personal Growth with Counselling & Psychotherapy

Using analysis of the subconscious and dreams to find solutions to current problems

Experienced, confidential counselling & psychotherapy based on Harley Street. For Marylebone, the West End and surrounding areas of London.

Recognising the need for a change in life, in one's thinking about life, and in the ability to understand why we do the things we do is all part of personal growth. Through the use of psychotherapy, harmful, negative or problematic behaviours and patterns of thought can be explored, understood and transformed into more productive, proactive and positive ways to move forward in life.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates a holistic approach to mental health treatment, counselling and psychotherapy is the key cornerstone of our service. The goal is to work with each of our clients in a confidential, private setting utilising a unique approach to treatment that is carefully developed based on individual client needs.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Through working with a counsellor or psychotherapist the client and the professional set out on a journey of discovery. All aspects of the client's mental experience from dreams to thoughts and from memories to recollections of experienced are examined to understand how problematic thoughts have developed and how they are manifesting themselves in negative or destructive behaviours.

As a process, counselling and psychotherapy are designed to allow the client to learn more about themselves and how their unconscious thoughts, dreams and experiences are not just from the past, but may be rooted in current issues that are problematic and troubling.

The Answer Within

Using psychotherapist techniques focused on Jungian psychotherapy, the client and the therapist develop an understanding of how the subconscious, through dreams, is providing a solution to a current problem. Each element can be determined to have a unique meaning, and through discussion and through the use of specific techniques to unlock the meaning or the information provided through the use of individual images in a dream.

However, there is more than just dream analysis to consider. A look at how those same images may relate to literature and real life experiences with a culture creates what are known as the archetypes, which in turn provide information that is part of the collective unconscious knowledge of all individuals.

Finally, using a technique known as active imagination, the client and the therapist work together to use the information gleaned from the analysis to determine how to create positive changes in their life by modifying coping strategies and behaviours on a very deep and personal level.

While psychotherapy is not designed to be a short-term treatment, it is truly a life changing event for the client. As the therapist creates a unique treatment plan to match the needs of the client, so does the client develop his or her own deep and incredibly meaningful understanding of self through the process.

Psychotherapy offers a way to reach back into the past and to address long held thoughts and beliefs that are continuing to have a negative impact on your life today. Through the process these thoughts and beliefs can be unearthed and brought to light, allowing them to be modified and changed in a way that provides for personal growth and positive change, even for issues such as depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma and bereavement, issues which may have been insurmountable with another type of mental health treatment in the past.

Read on to find out more about how counselling and psychotherapy can help individuals and couples with a wide range of issues. Our clinic is based in central London on Harley Street W1, ideally situated for Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Marylebone and surrounding areas.

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