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The Benefits Of Counselling

Shorter-term treatments to develop new, effective coping mechanisms for personal growth and development

Sudden events, challenges, dilemmas, problems and unforeseen changes can occur in life that leave individuals feeling lost, unprepared and even overwhelmed in trying to decide how to move forward and past the challenge.

For many people, finding someone to talk to about these issues, which can result in negative changes in emotional health and in behaviours, is an effective way to work through the challenges and find a healthy, positive path to the future.

Unfortunately, for those without this support, these challenges can result in increased problems with interpersonal relationships, depression and anxiety, with addictions and with those negative behaviours that are causing real and unwanted changes in life.

Looking for Solutions

Often people look externally for solutions to these types of all too common problems and challenges. Through counselling, a professional at Philippe Jacquet & Associates, as a recognised Harley Street counselling service, can provide insight into the personal motivations, thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to the experience of being stuck in the negative and destructive cycle of thoughts and behaviours.

Unlike other types of treatment options, counselling looks at the root of the problem, which may stem from events in childhood or more recent in your life. Then, through specially designed treatment and counselling sessions you will explore these ideas and develop new, effective coping mechanisms to allow for personal growth and development.

This effectively replaces those negative thoughts, beliefs and misconceptions, many which may be held deeply in the subconscious. By bringing these to the light, it is possible to explore them and make modifications while also developing a construct for making those positive changes that are essential for true growth.

Clients in counselling will not always spend extensive time in examining and exploring the past, but they will focus in on the issues they are experiencing in the now. This can include understanding more about how they are processing issues in their life, and how perhaps their understanding of the world around them may be influencing this processing ability. By looking at what they are thinking about the issue, even on a subconscious level, it is possible to make the changes in the mental picture of the event, creating positive changes to help the client move forward.

Highly Individual

As with all types of treatment at Philippe Jacquet & Associates, each client will have his or her own treatment plan based on individual goals and desired change. Through individual, confidential and private sessions with the counsellor, a holistic change driven by the client's own goals will be at the centre of the plan.

Additionally, and depending on the specific issues for each client, monitored group counselling can also be very beneficial. This is a safe way for patients to understand they are not alone in their challenge, and to learn from others how to make successful long term changes.

Typically counselling services are shorter in nature than psychotherapy. However, as with therapy, counsellors will look holistically at the needs of each individual, and draw from different treatment modes and options to create the most effective plan.

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