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The amazing opportunities for Treatment through Art Therapy

Using the medium of art to give form to thoughts, ideas and solutions

Expressing very difficult and complicated thoughts, beliefs and ideas through words alone can be challenging for anyone. For individuals that are dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, trauma or other types of mental health issues, having to not only think about potentially difficult issues but then also to talk about them can be completely overwhelming.

For these clients or for anyone wanting to gain insight into what they are thinking on a deeper level, art therapy offers a key to unlock those often hidden thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Through the medium of art, which can include painting, drawing, sculpting or other art activities, the creative aspects of the human mind are engaged. The individual can use abstract or concrete representations to describe, define or flesh out ideas, thoughts or even dreams that are key to further exploring those deeply held concepts.

The Basics of Art Therapy

Art therapy is not a new concept and has been used by therapists for patients with all types of challenges. Art therapy can be used for both adults and children, and it allows a free flowing type of expression of thoughts, ideas, dreams and even the solutions that the mind is trying to bring to light.

By providing a client with the art medium, be it paint and paper or clay to shape, the client can focus on the creative aspect, engaging the subconscious in a way that cannot occur through verbalising problems, challenges and issues. This is because choosing words and problem-solving through logistical applications actually blocks the creative side, shutting down the internal solution to the problem the subconscious is trying to provide.

Tapping into those previously unheard or unknown messages helps the client to develop an effective plan of approaching the problem or concern. Working with a trained and experienced art therapist through Philippe Jacquet & Associates provides an outlet for this internal insight.

A Look into Your Inner World

Have you ever experienced having a problem and doodling on paper, allowing your mind to just run through the problem without trying to create a logical structure? You may have found that once you stopped doodling and almost daydreaming about the issue, the image on the paper gave you an idea of how to address the issue.

In many ways, art therapy offers the same possibilities. Used in combination with counselling and psychotherapy, it is highly effective in working past blocks or obstacles, or in addressing particularly challenging issues that a client may be facing.

Art therapy is not an art class. In fact, in most sessions, the client will be completely on his or her own to choose the artistic method of expression. The therapist may pose a question or the theme for the work may be based on a specific area of thought, or it can be more open and general.

After completion, the therapist will often discuss the art with the client, or it may be used as a way to explore options for moving forward with client-generated solutions. Either option is extremely effective for people to learn more about themselves and their thoughts on a very personal level.

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