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The Reality Of Trauma In Life

Understanding and addressing the effects of past trauma on your life today

Specialising in working with individuals experiencing the effects of trauma, Philippe Jacquet offers an insightful, supportive and therapeutic approach to moving past trauma and developing effective coping strategies to move forward in life.

As one of the leading causes of mental health issues, trauma is often under-diagnosed as the root of depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health disorders. Without addressing the original cause of the condition, medications and short-term counselling will only have limited benefits for the client.

Often when people experience trauma, including chronic types of trauma, the mind effectively shuts out those memories or tries to find a way to rationalise the fear, stress or anxiety around specific events, people or occurrences. This drives those memories deep into the subconscious, where they continue to live, just out of the conscious mind.

However, through dreams and through behaviours, the trauma is played over and over again. The images may not be of the trauma, but they may be of common themes that are related to the troubling and disturbing incidents that a client has been exposed to or has witnessed in their life.

Trauma Types

Most people assume that trauma has to be a very major event that was catastrophic in some way. War, brutal crimes, loss of life or serious injury or other types of extremely intense issues and experiences are most commonly thought of as traumatic events.

However, trauma can also be a chronic, insidious type of ongoing event. Children can be traumatised when parents are neglectful, abusive or absent. They may also be traumatised through life if they live in a home where there is alcohol or drug abuse by one or both parents.

It is also possible for teens and adults to experience trauma through being bullied, mistreated by their partners, or if they live in environments that are unsafe or dangerous. This type of chronic trauma can actually take the form of PTSD or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is it continues on without treatment.

Addressing the Unconscious

Through counselling or psychotherapy using the Jungian method, the professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates help each client to understand the effects of trauma on their life today.

This is a way to bring forth the information in the subconscious and address how this is impacting life, behaviour choices and even thoughts about self. By addressing a holistic look at how the inner subconscious is contributing to the negative changes, and also how the solutions for change can be created by re-examining these deeply held beliefs, it is possible to make real changes in life.

Through therapy, changing how the thoughts and perspectives around the traumatic event change current behaviour allows each client to develop new, effective and positive coping strategies. It is also possible to frame the trauma in a more realistic light, allowing the anxiety and fear that may be unreasonable or inaccurate to be replaced by a healthier and more realistic way to think about and respond to issues in life.

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