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Thinking Through An Eating Disorder

Changing our relationship to food through the understanding of past experiences


There are two aspects of all types of eating disorders. One is the physical aspect of healing the body and the other is the longer and sometimes more difficult aspect of healing the mind.

One of the most effective treatment options for healing the mind and creating new, positive and effective ways to view the relationship through food is understanding what food represents in the life of anyone with an eating disorder. It is more than just using food as comfort or food as control; there are deep-seated and deeply held relationships between food and other daily events in life including achieving satisfaction, rewards, sexuality, the relationship with others and even with excitement, anger and feelings of acceptance.

Food can be used as a way to address areas of loss, lack of fulfilment and a need in life that can easily be obscured to the individual through the subconscious and conscious mind. Unearthing and exploring these previously hidden connections is at the heart of developing a lifelong approach for the client that develops new, effective ways to think about food in relation to other aspects of life.

A Holistic Treatment Approach

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates a holistic look at eating disorders and food addictions is at the centre of all of our treatment plans. We work with our clients to develop a deeper understanding of the self, and how previous experiences in life have led to the current unhealthy relationship with food.

It is only through developing an understanding of this past experience that a new, positive and effective coping strategy can be developed. In many ways, understanding how food has come to represent or be symbolic in our lives is critical. It is also essential in recognising the use of food to address these emotional needs in a very physical sense.

The symbolism of food in our life, and the subsequent change in the relationship to food needs to be carefully and systematically unravelled. Many people with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating have engaged in the altered relationship with food for years before they seek treatment.

Treatment Options

Both psychotherapy and counselling can be used in the treatment of food addictions and eating disorders at Philippe Jacquet & Associates. The approach selected and the specific holistic treatment options are carefully selected for each client, and no two clients will have the same treatment plan.

This approach to treatment is highly effective and allows each client to learn more about themselves. Through supportive treatment sessions that can include talk therapy, art therapy and integrative therapeutic approaches the hidden and underlying issues of the behaviour are addressed in private, confidential sessions.

Throughout treatment, clients will also begin to build healthier and positive ideas, beliefs and mental relationships with food. This may also include building skills in interpersonal communication, in developing a support network, and in learning to see themselves as uniquely talented and gifted individuals in their own worlds and environments.

With this approach, our clients develop a healthier, realistic picture of themselves. They are able to find ways to meet their unfulfilled needs in positive choices and also learn to have a positive and healthy relationship with food.

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