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The Underlying Causes Of Addiction

A holistic and compassionate approach to addiction treatment

One of the most important changes in the way individuals are treated for addiction was developed through the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. While Jung himself did not write extensively and specifically on addiction, his entire approach to understanding the individual through recognising the archetypes,or the patterns of behaviour all humans exhibit, created a holistic and compassionate approach to treatment still used today.

It may be difficult to see the direct link, but the current programmes offered through any 12-Step meetings from alcohol to narcotics and sex addiction to gambling is all based on the Jungian concepts. It is also used as a way to allow family members and partners of those with addictions to understand the current thinking that is driving the addictive behaviours, as well as how changing thinking can lead to profound and lifelong positive changes in behaviours.

Making the Change

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates the Jungian principles are used in our integrated and holistic approach to the treatment of all types of addictions. By focusing in on the root cause of the addictive behaviour, it is possible to make the significant changes in through that create a positive coping strategy to not just avoid current use, but to also prevent relapse in the future.

Any type of addiction is driven by a change in the inner world or the inner being of an individual by using a substance or an action that changes this negative to a pleasant experience. This could be through the use of alcohol, drugs or even something like food, shopping or placing a bet. These uses all include shutting down those feelings of inadequacy in life, overcoming social anxieties, or perhaps dealing with grief, depression or trauma.

The initial feelings of euphoria or freedom from the otherwise negative inner world created a temporary break, and this in itself became the motivation to repeat the behaviour. Over time, physical changes occur in the brain chemistry, requiring the addict to use more and more to achieve that same reprieve from that negative inner thought process.

At the same time, the addiction becomes an isolating factor. This further reinforces what the addict sees as his or her own failings, creating a vicious downward cycle or spiral.

However, this is also a point of possible positive change. Through psychotherapy and counselling at Philippe Jacquet & Associates, it is possible to find effective and relevant coping strategies to help to address the feelings that are driving the addictive behaviour, and then find ways to address those needs.

Understanding the Impact of Thought on Behaviour

Through working with Mr Jacquet, clients will come to see the patterns of thoughts that also result in a subsequent change in behaviour. Just as thoughts drive addiction, they can also be used to create the pathway to recovery and sobriety for life.

Developing positive rituals that have a deeper meaning, discovering a spiritual aspect of life and learning how to have better interpersonal relationships are all important aspects of treatment. Through this development of these positive coping mechanisms, the behaviour of addiction is eliminated from the individual's life in a way that is not possible without this treatment option.

Each client at Philippe Jacquet & Associates is unique, and each treatment is also designed to address the individual needs. With this truly bespoke option for treatment, it is possible to leave the past behind and develop the skills and changes needed to live an addiction-free life.

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