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Stress, The Inner Self & Behaviours

Develop effective, healthy coping strategies to help deal with stress

There are many different books, websites, and blogs online about the impact of stress on a human being. There are lists of symptoms and health issues that range from insomnia and digestive problems to high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

However, it is much more difficult to see the effects of stress on the inner self. For many people, this type of stress is most evident in usual or disturbing dreams that may have symbolic elements that a trained psychotherapist can use to help to uncover the underlying cause of stress.

Stress can occur to anyone at any socioeconomic level. It can be found in the boardrooms and offices of the top CEOs and leaders any industry and it can also be found for the person just struggling to make ends meet. The reality is that today, perhaps more than ever, stress is a part of life.

Individual Reaction to Stress

Each individual has a different reaction to stress or a different level of stress-tolerance. Often those who strive for perfection in life have a lower stress level, which may be caused by either traumatic or stressful events in life, or perhaps chronic levels of stress throughout childhood and into young adulthood.

Stress and perfection often are traced back to the relationship with the family and the way that the mother and the father placed expectations on themselves and the family. It may have been required that the family was seen as perfect, with emphasis on hiding or covering up any areas of flaws or weakness.

This message is carried deep in our subconscious as we move through life. Stress in not meeting the impossible standard of some imagined perfection, even if we are not currently conscious that this is the root, creates constant tension and fear that we cannot live up to those standards and have therefore failed in our own life.

Stress Reduction

A key element in any type of treatment for stress is in discovering our own internal self-message about perfectionism, standards and our measurement based on those messages.

Through counselling and psychotherapy with Philippe Jacquet, it is possible to discover this message and to understand how to more realistically take a look at our lives, our contributions, and our success.

With the support of a trained psychotherapist, clients can explore their own personal relationship with stress by discovering the root cause. Once this is known, it is possible for the therapist and the client to then change those thoughts and develop effective, healthy coping strategies to deal with those unrealistic and impossible standards and ideals.

Once the thoughts around perfection or challenges in life are changed, it is possible to incorporate real stress reduction in life. Training in mindfulness, Yoga, relaxation and even the use of bodywork and massage can be combined with counselling and therapy to bring balance and harmony between expectations and reality.

Stress reduction techniques like this are very effective combined with a change in our inner self and our ability to accurately see how our thoughts were creating the very stress we were experiencing.

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