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Harley Street Psychotherapist Counselling and Psychotherapy in Harley Street, central London

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Utilising A Bespoke Service

A range of tailored services, designed around your schedule and needs

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates each client is a unique individual with a variety of needs regarding their treatment with counselling, psychotherapy and personal and business coaching services. With an individual treatment plan as well as a holistic, integrated approach to providing the support and professional services required, we literally develop a plan of treatment that is one of a kind for each of our clients.

This approach allows us to offer a fully bespoke service when required. Some of our clients have very challenging schedules and may travel for work or have a very high profile careers, making it difficult for the client to attend sessions at our Harley Street Office.

For these clients, many who include celebrities, financial professionals, business and industry leaders and other high profiles members of the community, we offer a range of services to meet their needs. These bespoke programmes are designed around your schedules and your needs, allowing optimal freedom for our clients while still providing the very best in mental health and coaching services in central London and our satellite offices throughout the UK and in Spain.

Working with Client Needs

All of the bespoke programmes offered at Philippe Jacquet & Associates are based on client needs. We do not use a standard approach; rather we focus in on working with each client to develop a comprehensive and integrated treatment or coaching plan that is fully customised and tailored.

Often our clients have several goals or areas of personal growth and development they wish to address. As with all aspects of the programme, our staff will work with you to prioritise the plan to meet the most immediate needs or your top priorities. You will also have input into the plan throughout our time together, making it a personalised plan that can be altered, enhanced and modified as the sessions progress.

Options to Consider

To provide opportunities and options to meet with clients, our bespoke services can be scheduled around your busy life. This can include meeting outside of standard business hours, or perhaps scheduling appointments on the weekends to limit any concerns with privacy and anonymity in attending appointments.

We are also able to arrange to meet with our clients at their own offices, or to meet at neutral locations such as a hotel or a pre-arranged meeting location. This is often ideal for busy professionals as the venue can be selected that is close to your work location but not actually in your office.

Another revolutionary way of providing bespoke services offered by Philippe Jacquet & Associates is the use of Skype sessions. These can be pre-organised with the therapists, counsellor or coach and can occur from any location anywhere in the world.

Many of our executive clients that travel for work or perhaps live outside of London choose this option. The sessions are completely secure and provide a real therapeutic, counselling or coaching experience without the need for travel.

Additionally, these are a very good option for individuals with challenges in transportation or when it is more comfortable to meet with our professionals in a setting that is comfortable and familiar.

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